When you spy one of the picturesque terracotta towns across the shimmering azure waters of the Adriatic, you’ll understand why Croatia sailing tours along the Dalmatian Coast have become one of the must-do experiences in the Mediterranean.

But there’s more to Croatia than just stunning coastlines – the cities are full of art and culture, the restaurants stock the freshest seafood and local produce, and outside of the town walls, you’ll find striking waterfalls, brushy forests, and mountainous terrain that is beautiful in its desolation.

If you love balmy days, historic towns and friendly locals, an Albatross Croatia tour itinerary – including a short stopover in historic Bosnia-Herzegovina – is the perfect sun-kissed escape for you.

Europe & UK Summer

Smaller group size
up to 28

Croatia & the Adriatic

13 Relaxing Days
  • Start: Trogir
  • Ends: Dubrovnik
  • Countries: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Experience a wine and oyster boat ride & visit Krka’s dramatic waterfalls.

Smaller group size
up to 28

Beautiful Slovenia & Croatia's Istrian Jewels

16 Magnificent Days
  • Start: Vienna
  • Ends: Venice
  • Countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy

Experience a truly authentic taste of Croatia and Slovenia

Festive Tours

Smaller group size, no more than 28

Austria, Slovenia & Christmas in Croatia

15 Stunning Days
  • Start: Vienna
  • Ends: Venice
  • Countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia

Amazing Christmas Markets, frozen waterfalls and a classic Christmas location

Touring Croatia by Coach

Croatia is one of Europe’s most visually stunning and historically intriguing countries. The sheer number of places to visit can quickly overwhelm anyone planning a holiday here.

When you choose to tour Croatia with Albatross Tours, you can forget about stressing over accommodation and spending hours on an itinerary. Our expert Tour Managers do all this for you – and more.

You’ll find your Croatian getaway is that much more blissful and enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about the little details. The hassle-free trip through the country will enable you to truly immerse yourself in the unique culture and community that is Croatia.

At Albatross Tours, we also place great emphasis on staying for longer in each place and travelling with small tour groups. This ensures that no highlights get missed and also allows for a more intimate and personal experience of this delightful nation.

When to Visit Croatia

As with much of Europe, Croatia is best enjoyed in the months from May to early October, with the exceptions of July and August, when wiser travellers leave the country for the general tourist masses.

It is during these warmer months that the country really comes alive and the picturesque towns and landscapes look their best. Those embarking on Croatia tours during these shoulder periods can look forward to Mediterranean sunshine, pleasant breezes, low humidity and terrific temperatures.

Croatian Culture

Helpful Hints

Here are some important details that you should know before you go:

  • Language – The most common language you’ll hear during your tour of Croatia is indeed Croatian. Many people speak English as a second language, but it could also be useful to teach yourself a couple of local phrases.
  • As of January 2023, Croatia uses the euro (€) as its official currency. There are several ATMs in most cities and towns where you can use a credit or debit card to withdraw some cash.
  • Time zone and daylight – Croatia runs on Central European Time (CET) from October to March. The country is one hour ahead of London time and nine hours behind Sydney time. During the summer months of June to September, daylight lasts up to 15.5 hours with the earliest June sunrise at 5 am. Short December days can last just nine hours from 7 am to 4 pm.
  • Electricity – Much like its neighbours, Croatia uses a supply voltage of 230V and 50Hz. This is transmitted using Type C and F plugs. These two plugs both use two round pins to enter the wall socket.

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Australians and New Zealanders have been turning to Albatross Tours for the best European tours since 1995. Like our summer tours of Croatia and the Adriatic, all of our European tours move a little slower – often staying three, four or even five nights in each city – so that you can truly immerse yourself in the culture without keeping an eye on the clock.

Contact one of the friendly Albatross Tours booking specialists today to find out more about our fantastic Croatia tours.