A pleasant and proud country of undulating green hills, charming country pubs, delicate teas and cobbled country lanes, it’s unsurprising that many travellers feel their Europe tour isn’t complete without a trip across the channel to elegant England.

At Albatross Tours, we craft comprehensive English tour packages that explore the country’s best sites and experiences. Whether you want to experience the bustle of the big cities like London, Manchester or Liverpool, the charming hamlets in the Lakes District, or the mystery of mediaeval sites like Stonehenge, we have a tour that’s perfect for you.

Touring England by Coach

How many countries can you name that have buses as a tourist attraction? Not many, on our last count.

There’s a good reason England’s double-decker buses have become a pillar of the tourism industry – with so much to see, it can pay to take it slow and view the hustle and bustle from the top deck.

Of course, those big, red photo opportunities aren’t exactly everybody’s cup of tea. Their open tops aren’t perfect for England’s wet weather and there’s certainly more to the country than the most crowded tourist attractions frequented by such tours.

Instead, Albatross Tours’ closed-top coaches take you off the beaten track – and there aren’t many left in England!

Our experienced Tour Managers know every nook and cranny in town, so you’ll leave feeling like you’ve been given a secret that even some locals don’t know about.

When to Visit England

England’s peak tourist season runs through July and August, when millions of non-UK residents flock to the many hotels on offer.

Albatross Tours’ British Isles tour runs during this peak as well as a few dates either side of it in May, June and September.

This gives you options to miss the crowds and enjoy the weather, or mingle with the best of them in the height of summer.

Of course, if you’re a fan of Christmas, there are few better festive markets in Europe than in England. Travelling in December just means you’ll be settling for much shorter days (8am-4pm) and much colder temperatures (highs below 10°C).

English Culture

Things to Know Before You Go

Here are some important details that you should know before you go:

  • Language – A large majority of English residents over three years old speak English as a first language. Other popular languages included Welsh, Polish, Romanian, Panjabi and Urdu. While there is little linguistic diversity across England, there are a wide range of accents to listen out for. These can change within a matter of 100 kilometres from city to city.
  • Money – The pound sterling (£) is the official currency of the United Kingdom. This is broken into 100 pence (p), while cash denominations are the same as in Australia and New Zealand, plus 1p and 2p coins.
  • Time zone and daylight – England uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) during standard time and British Summer Time (BST) during Daylight Saving Time. This places London time five hours ahead of New York, and 10 hours behind Sydney. At the start of summer (June), daylight lasts up to 16.5 hours with the earliest sunrise coming before 5am. Short December days can last just eight hours from 8am to 4pm.
  • Electricity – Travelling across England will require plug Type G, which uses three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. England operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.