This magical winter wonderland isn’t all that mythology makes it out to be – it’s more! Finland is a great place to immerse yourself in the exotic landscape that exists at the top of the world. You’ll find tens of thousands of lakes and islands, covered in forests and tundra that daring explorers face with arms wide open.

Gaze upon wild reindeer, the aurora borealis and snow-capped scenery while enjoying the comfort of an Albatross Tours itinerary.

So long as you pack your warmest clothes, you’re sure to have fun in this frozen fairytale.

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Northern Lights, Ice Hotels & Huskies

9 Exhilarating Days
  • Start: Helsinki
  • Ends: Stockholm
  • Countries: Sweden, Finland

Go reindeer sledding through the snowy wilderness and stay in the extraordinary ICEHOTEL

Touring Finland by Coach

Without buses, Finland would surely come to a standstill. Intercity travel around this lake-covered land is extremely reliant on efficient bus travel which makes it a great mode of tourist transport

Not only are these cities well-connected by road, but as temperatures average 13°C in summer and snow falls from October to May, it’s nice to retreat to a cosy coach when things get too cold.

Of course, with nearly 180,000 small islands scattered across Finland’s picturesque coastline, you can expect to disembark the buses and board a boat to drift through one of the world’s largest archipelagos.

Then, once you’ve explored, dried off and warmed up, there will always be an Albatross Tours Tour Manager waiting to welcome you back to your coach and escort you to your next destination. 

When to Visit Finland

Finland offers plenty for visitors at any time of year, but it all depends on what you want to experience.

Christmas in Finland’s truest version of the North Pole – Lapland – sounds pretty nice, but it doesn’t overlap with aurora borealis’ optimal viewing time.

The latter comes during spring and autumn – specifically, October, November, March and early April.

Likewise, if you want the best Finnish festivals (June to July) as well as the best skiing (February to April), you might have to plan a second trip!

Finnish Culture

Things to Know Before You Go

Here are some important details that you should know before you go:

  • Language – Finnish is spoken by 90% of local residents and Finland is known as one of the most culturally homogenous societies in the world. Despite this, more than half of the Finnish can also speak Swedish and English, so you’ll find unilingual travel rather easy here.
  • Money – As a member of the European Union since 1995, Finland’s currency is the euro (€). Cash can be used in Finland, though it has become a largely cashless society in recent years and you will find little trouble travelling without cash.
  • Time zone and daylight – Finland is one of few countries in the world to experience the ‘midnight sun’. This means there are days during the Finnish winter when the sun never truly sets. In the south, from late May to June, nighttime lasts five to six hours, while the northernmost parts won’t see nighttime for six weeks.
  • Electricity – Finland uses a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. This is transmitted using two types of plugs – Type C and F, both of which use two round pins to enter the wall socket.