5 Reasons Why You Need to Book A European Christmas Tour Now!

5 Reasons Why You Need to Book A European Christmas Tour Now!

This year seems to have gone by so fast. As we get older, it seems that the months of every year start to just slip by, and before you know it, it’s October and you’re already having to make plans for what you’re going to do at Christmas time! 
If you’ve been struggling to come up with something fun or exciting to do this Christmas, or you’re wanting to break out of the box and do something with your family that they’ll never forget - why not consider booking a magical trip to Europe for the end of the year?
Christmas in Europe is unlike Christmas in any other part of the world - it’s snowy, cosy, lively and TRULY a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most of us. Due to limited space for this year’s Christmas Tours with Albatross Tours, we wanted to highlight our five favourite reasons for taking the plunge and booking a trip to Europe this Christmas. 

1. Letting someone else take the ‘reigns’


Everyone loves Christmas - the presents, getting to spend time with family, eating delicious food, relaxing and taking time off work. What’s not to love? However, the organisation of Christmas (especially if you’re the one hosting an event or you have a large family) can be stressful and tiresome to say the least. You’ve got to shop for and cook the food, clean the house from top to toe, figure out where everyone is going to stay if they’re visiting from afar, AND manage the clean-up afterwards. Phew!
However, imagine a Christmas where you let someone else handle everything for you. A Christmas where you were doing unforgettable activities, eating delicious food, seeing fantastic sights and meeting wonderful new people - all while having everything taken care of for you! Without a doubt, this is what Albatross Tours can offer you. 
Our tours are designed to give you the most amazing festive Christmas you can imagine, while also giving you lots of free time to explore and unwind. We call it ‘My Time’, and our sensibly-planned three, four, five and seven night stays in gorgeous character hotels give you the opportunity to travel at your own pace (and not lift a finger if you don’t want to!)

2. European Christmas shopping


Christmas shopping is usually a tedious task - you’re grappling with other last-minute shoppers in David Jones, desperately trying to get your hands on quality, thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. 
Well, imagine swapping your local mall for quaint cobbled pathways and ancient medieval lanes in Europe for your Christmas shopping! Europe’s Christmas Markets offer a way to shop for Christmas presents that you’ll actually enjoy, allowing you to soak in the magical atmosphere and pick up some truly unique and special gifts for your loved ones back home. 
Our Christmas Market Tours allow you to explore the delightful shopping pursuits in Germany, Austria, France and Italy - whether it’s the Christmas Markets in Wurzburg at the start of the Romantic Road or the stunning Christmas Markets in snowy Prague. 

3. The once-in-a-lifetime activities

When we say that Christmas in Europe is unlike any other - we really mean it! This is definitely in part due to the fantastic activities that are on offer in Europe during winter. Some of these available on our tours include:
 Taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage
 Going dog sledding
 Seeing the Northern Lights
 Staying in the Ice hotel
 Visiting palaces and castles
 Riding the famous Glacier Express through the Swiss Alps
 Visiting Santa Claus in the Finnish town of Rovaniemi


4. Spending time with your family


It can be hard to navigate getting the entire family together at Christmas time, especially with everyone in different locations and having different events and obligations to attend. What better way to bring everyone together than by organising a family trip to Europe? If you get in early with your suggesting and planning, you’ll be able to enjoy an unforgettable holiday at the most magical time of the year in Europe. 
Also, if you have family living in Europe (as many of us in Australia do), you’ll be able to liaise with them for a cherished visit with your loved ones during your holiday. 


5. The fantastic views and photography spots


It’s needless to say that Europe is home to some of the most stunning locations in the world. From the Neuschwanstein Castle (said to have been the inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle in the Disney classic) or the natural attractions of Zermatt and its stunning Matterhorn Mountain, winter time in Europe really does have something for everyone. 
This goes especially for photographers or those with a budding interest in photography (and a smartphone!) The endless views and beautiful ancient medieval villages (like Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany or baroque Salzburg in Austria) all offer fantastic opportunities to take snaps unlike any you’ve taken before. 

Act now before you miss out!

If all of this has got you dreaming of a trip to Europe this Christmas to soak up the magical winter atmosphere, then why not make it easy for yourself when it comes to planning and find out more about our Albatross Christmas Tours? From eight day Christmas breaks to amazing 17 day all-inclusive Christmas tours, we’ve got something for everyone!

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