5 Stunning Wine Villages You Must Visit In Italy

5 Stunning Wine Villages You Must Visit In Italy

If you fancy yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur (or you’re just passionate about exploring stunning countryside locations), then visiting an array of Italian wine regions is an absolute must on your lifetime to-do list.  Let’s look at some of the most stunning villages in Italy that are centred around the production (and consumption) of the world’s favourite drink - vino!

Bolzano - The Italian Lakes Region

Bolzano is the cultural and economic centre of the famous Alto Adige Wine Road, characterised by a mix of German and Italian influences which melt together to create a unique and interesting location (that also produces some stunningly interesting and unique wines).  Wine is at the centre of everything in Bolzano (accompanying the entertaining events, stunning scenery and amazing art galleries). The Alto Adige Vernatsch vines mature on the rolling hills of the St. Magdalena area, with lush, family-operated vineyards spanning a total surface area of 498 hectares in the region.Bolzano is an easy city to visit, as you can stroll the beautiful and quaint alleyways, shop in the delightful boutiques, chat with the locals, and visit the local cellar doors and restaurants to sample the area’s best drops of wine.
Bolzano can be visited as part of these itineraries operated through Albatross Tours:

Siena - The Tuscany Region

There are so many reasons to visit the beautiful town of Siena.  Besides Tuscany being known as the best wine growing region in Italy, Siena has amazing food, beautiful and open people, the biggest market in Tuscany, Val D’Orcia (a lush area of medieval castles and hilltop towns), and important landmarks like the Torre del Mangia tower.  Siena is located between the Chianti and Montalcino regions, meaning it’s essentially a heaven for wine enthusiasts! The many bars, restaurants and cafes around the city all offer access to the best wines from the local area. However, if you’d like to go a step further in your wine exploration and visit the lush vineyards where the wines originate from, then a trip to Val D’Orcia should be at the top of your list. You can tour the region and take in the magnificent scenery of endless rows of vines, dripping in sunshine and surrounded by huge Cypress trees. It’s a sight you’ll never truly forget!
You can visit Siena on the Albatross Tours Italian Grande Tour.

Cinque Terre - The Italian Riviera Region

Cinque Terre is known for being one of the most stunning locations in Italy, with its steep terraced streets and colourful houses that overlook the most beautiful blue water many of us will ever cast our eyes on. However, it’s also known for its amazing wine!  Cinque Terre’s namesake wine is a white wine made from the native grape varieties of Bosco and Albarola. These grapes are grown in small, steep vineyards (much like the streets the houses of the area are built on) that weave along the magnificent coastline. Due to the size of the Cinque Terre region, all aspects of vineyard maintenance are completed here by hand, so when you taste a wine from Cinque Terre, you’ll be tasting an amazing heritage drop that has remained unchanged in its production for generations.
If you fancy visiting a seaside paradise on your wine journey, then Cinque Terre can be visited as part of The Italian Grande Tour.

Spoleto - The Umbria Region

Spoleto is a beautiful town built on a hillside within the rolling panoramas of the Umbria region. It’s a city with a medieval vibe that oozes charm, with vibrant cultural events like the Two Worlds Festival (a celebration of art, music and theatre) and the Spoleto Jazz Festival. If these two occurrences weren’t reason enough to visit, then we’re sure the wine on offer here will really help to solidify your decision.  Spoleto perfectly mixes the delicious local produce from the region (think truffles, porcini mushrooms, salami and sausages) with the well-known wines that it is famous for - Sagratino and Montefalco (both reds), and the white wine Orvieto. You can sample a tipple of both these drops by soaking up the lively, culturally artistic atmosphere of this beautiful Italian village.
Spoleto is visited as part of the itinerary of The Italian Grande Tour and the Italian Alternativo Tour.

Ravello - The Amalfi Coast

Although the Amalfi Coast has been a well-known tourist hotspot for decades now, Ravello has emerged as one of the region’s best-kept secrets. Situated on top of a hill looking over the seaside, the views are so magnificent that the area achieved UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1997. 
You could visit the Duomo di Ravello, the Villa Rufolo (with incredible gardens and views), the Villa Cimbrone (a stunning five star hotel) and the Babel Wine Bar (to sample local drops before feasting on a myriad of tapas dishes), all before catching the stunning sunset at the top of the hill. What’s not to love? Romance oozes from every corner!
Ravello is easily accessible, as it’s one of the stops on The Italian Grande Tour.

Soaking up every drop of Italy's wine regions

For wine lovers, there really is no place better than Italy. If you head to the right locations, then it seems that every corner, every bar, every vineyard holds new and exciting varieties of wine to try - the only question is if you’ll have enough time to drink it all!
To sample the Italian wine regions and start exploring your options for the holiday of a lifetime, check out the different Italian tours available with Albatross Tours here

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