6 Romantic places to visit in Europe

6 Romantic places to visit in Europe

Europe is no stranger to love, with some of history’s greatest love stories taking place against the backdrop of its stunning architecture and natural scenery. There is something for all couples in Europe, whether you’re into sightseeing, fine dining or something completely off the wall to get those heartstrings fluttering. Be inspired by our top cities to visit in Europe on your romantic holiday getaway.

1. Paris


Well, they don’t call it the City of Love for nothing! Paris has a reputation for being the casanova of all European cities. With its famous landmark the Eiffel Tower being one of the world’s most popular spots to receive or make a marriage proposal, Paris and romance go hand-in-hand... like champagne and oysters! Treat your sweetheart to a Parisian dinner for two, followed by a stroll through the Jardin des Plantes, which was voted the most beautiful botanical garden in all of France.  Find out more about our tours to France.

2. Rome

Taking your special peron to the Trevi Fountain in Rome is a two-for-one deal. Not only is the fountain a monument to the Renaissance artists of the time it was built, but legend has it that if you throw a coin into the water, your wish will come true. A short walk will have you finding intimate restaurants or cosy cafes you can escape into. With Italy being home to the finest wines and coffees in the world, you’ll have your pick of the perfect beverage to cheers to love with. Find out more about our tours to Italy.

3. Venice


A gondola ride through the watery streets of Venice is an experience within itself, and it’s all the more special when you’re sharing it with someone you love. Watch the sunset together as you cosy up in a boat and let the beautiful song of the gondola operator wash all your worries away. Once home to the ‘Love Locks’ Ponte dell'Accademia bridge, lovers from all over the world would fasten locks to the bridge with their two sets of initials on it. Unfortunately the love locks bridges worldwide have been discontinued - but the stories and memories of them will always shine in our hearts.  Find out more about our tours to Italy.

4. Luzern


Luzern (or Lucerne) in Switzerland sits amongst snow-capped mountains and beautifully preserved medieval architecture.  Take a cable car up to Mount Pilatus and take in the astonishing views of the district from every direction. Once you’ve arrived at the top at the mountain, two restaurants are on offer, each with stunning scenic views of the Alps. A hotel room with a fireplace, mulled wine and soft furnishings will add to your evening; and don’t forget to grab a room service menu if you’re really enjoying yourselves!  Find out more about our tours to Switzerland.

5. Frankfurt


Frankfurt is a bustling central German city located right on the river Main. If you feel like you’ve seen all Germany has to offer, then a romantic trip to Frankfurt Zoo should quickly quell those thoughts. Perfect for a daytime rendezvous or simply for animal lovers, the zoo offers a wide range of different mammals, reptiles and bird species for couples to look at and coo over.  A walk back along the river Main features several bridges with scenic sights on either side, fine restaurants and laid back local bars, meaning you can leisurely pick what to do afterwards.  Find out more about our tours to Germany.

6. Jukkasjärvi


If you want your holiday to be a real stand-out occasion, you can’t look past Jukkasjarvi in Sweden. Home to the original Ice Hotel (which is part accommodation and part art installation) guests can stay in a choice of an Ice Room, an Art Room or a Warm Room. The Ice Rooms are permanent structures built from ice, whilst an Art Room features revolving ice sculptures that are allowed to melt and are then rebuilt into something new the following season. If the cold is not for you but you’d still like the experience, warm temperature rooms are also available to keep you comfortable and cosy.  Find out more about our Northern Lights, Ice Hotels & Huskies Tour.

Europe; the heart and soul of romance

Albatross Tours can help you create the perfect holiday away to Europe, whether you are a solo traveller, travelling with your partner or with friends. Treat yourself to a romantic vacation where your itinerary is all taken care of, so you can focus on the fun side of travelling.  Get in touch with our European touring specialists and let us match-make you a holiday to make your heart flutter.

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