8 Beautiful Places to Take Stunning Photographs in Germany

8 Beautiful Places to Take Stunning Photographs in Germany

It’s a common belief amongst travellers that the second-best thing after travelling is sitting down with your family and friends a few weeks, months or years after your trip to look through photos and reflect on fond memories from your journey. There’s nothing better than being able to relive the stunning scenery, delicious food, unforgettable people and awe-inspiring sights you visited - all from the comfort of your lounge room (or simply by scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed!)
These days, everyone wants to share their fantastic travel and life experiences with their loved ones at home.  So, if you’ve been scouting the globe for a truly aesthetic location to travel to test out your photography skills - look no further than stunning, historical, culturally rich Germany!
We’ve put together our list of the 8 most photo-worthy spots to visit in this amazing country.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

As you can see, Neuschwanstein Castle is an absolute must-visit for any budding or experienced photographer visiting Germany. Nestled in the Bavarian Alps, it was built by King Ludwig II, and sits at the top of a hill looking down onto the Hohenschwangau Valley. In the extensive landscaped gardens and luscious forest that surround the castle, you can find many vantage points for taking amazing photos. With its white limestone exterior and deep blue turrets, the castle is said to have been the inspiration between the classic castle in Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ - and we don’t know if there’s a much bigger accolade than that!

2. Berlin

If you fancy a more urban, modern scene for your photographs than a fairytale castle in a forest, then Berlin is your obvious choice. If you’re flying to Germany then you might fly in (and out) of Berlin, so make the most of your time here by stopping for a few days and taking a scenic tour around the city. Known for its deep history, its stunning museums, funky street art and diverse, lively population - you’ll never run out of places to snap your camera at in this bustling metropolis. 

3. Potsdam

Potsdam is a 1000-year-old city that has been named as a World Heritage Site due to its many historic buildings and stunning landscapes - perfect for photographers wanting to take amazing snaps! It’s close to Berlin and makes for an easy day trip. Some of the most aesthetic locations in the town include the Sanssouci Park and the Babelsberg Palace. 

4. Dresden

Dresden is a city in the east of Germany and has earned the nickname “the Florence on the Elbe” because of it’s amazing Baroque architecture, world-class museums and stunning surroundings on the riverbanks - much like the Italian city of Florence! Dresden was heavily destroyed during World War II, however, luckily for photographers, most of the city’s gorgeous and important landmarks have been refurbished to their former glory. 

5. Cologne

For enthusiastic photographers, many find that the beauty of Cologne doesn’t necessarily lie in its architecture or surroundings. Instead, they find that it lies in the social vibrancy, cultural diversity and energetic people that live there. It’s said that Cologners know how to have a good time! To find photo opportunities where you’ll be capturing memories to last a lifetime, try getting the cable car at the Seilbahn, visiting Rathaus (Cologne’s old town hall) or, for something a little quirkier, why not visit the Mustard Museum? That’s right - a whole museum dedicated entirely to the spicy condiment, mustard!

6. Trier

Trier is a German town located on the banks of the Moselle, near the border of Luxembourg, and is known as the birth town of Karl Marx. Originally founded in the 4th century BC, the city is considered by many to be the oldest in Germany. When visiting Trier, why not take the time to visit the Porta Nigra, the best-preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps, or Trier Cathedral, a Catholic church that dates back to Roman times and the home of the ‘Holy Tunic’ (said to be robe Jesus was wearing when he died). You can visit Trier on the Rhine Castles, Moselle Vineyards and Ancient Cologne Tour. 

7. Heidelberg

For those of us who love warmer weather, Heidelberg could be the ideal location for a photographic visit, as it’s one of the warmest places in Germany! Located at the point where the Neckar River emerges from the hills of the Odenwald into the Rhine Plain, it’s a great spot for wildlife and fauna lovers. The warmer weather brings wildlife and fauna that you wouldn’t usually see in Germany, such as fig, almond and olive trees, as well as beautiful wild African parakeets. 
Besides it’s natural beauty, Heidelberg is also an ancient university town, meaning it’s packed to the brim with stunning old buildings, bridges and museums, as well as the main castle that overlooks the town centre. This is a great spot for a photographic vantage point!

8. Gengenbach  Regensburg

Gengenbach, founded in the 13th century, is a popular destination on the western edge of the Black Forest, and is known for its ‘carnival’ celebration of Alemanic "fasnacht". It also has a picturesque medieval town centre (Altstadt), with its town hall a masterpiece of design, and is the world’s largest advent calendar during the lead up to Christmas. You can visit Gengenbach on the Black Forest, Bavaria & the Tyrol Tour.

Germany: a photographer’s dream

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