A Christmas Like No Other


Euan Landsborough

A Christmas Like No Other

One Christmas, my wife Julie-anne stood in the kitchen staring into the packed fridge trying to find space for the left over Christmas pudding. She sighed, saying…
“Honey, I really love this time of year but it’s always so much work for me.  With all the shopping, cooking, tidying up before all the relatives get here and, then it’s over before I realise. It’s not really a break at all – with the heat and flies, and trying to find space in the fridge for all these leftovers!
Each year I try to get in the festive mood by decorating the house and playing Bing Crosby’s ‘I’m dreaming of a White Christmas’. And now I am not only dreaming of that ‘White Christmas’, I want to experience that ‘White Christmas’. I want to see the snow falling softly outside the window and I want us to be all rugged up in front of a roaring fire. So next year, why can’t we have a European White Christmas
We’ve worked hard all year so surely we deserve to have a really nice Christmas and I can have a real break. I’d love us to be able to relax and have time to laugh and enjoy good company and not have the heat, the hassles and the worry.  It would be exciting to dress for Christmas dinner, to wear my high heels, and let someone else set the table and serve us, and best of all – we won’t have to do the washing up. Now that would be a Christmas to remember and all I have to do is simply relax and enjoy…oh and bring you too, honey, of course”.
So, we had a fabulous festive Christmas in the Austrian Tyrol followed by New Year in Bavaria. 
Relaxing in Austria with Albatross Tours

Sounds like a Christmas Fairytale?

You can ‘live it’ this year by joining one of our tempting Christmas and New Year Tours. Designed specifically for the Australian and New Zealand traveller, each tour usually starts with in depth visits to the more major cities but then, as Christmas approaches, they escape to the forest covered mountains, medieval castles and delightful feature hotels for 3, 4, 5 or 7 nights to capture that essential European winter magic. To enjoy sleigh rides and festive Christmas markets with clusters of wooden stalls selling mulled wine, ginger biscuits, hand crafted toys and decorations in cobble stoned medieval villages. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, carols, brass bands and crowds of locals intent on laughter and happiness.   
Salzburg Christmas Market, Austria
Imagine all those picture perfect Christmas Cards with snow covered forest paths, merry crowds and pink cheeked, laughing children wrapped in bright red scarves and woollen hats.  Isn’t it about time you enjoyed Christmas the way it should be?
Contact us to request our European Christmas and New Year tours brochure if you would like to experience a fairytale Christmas this year.

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