How to Spend a Free Day in Montecatini Terme

How to Spend a Free Day in Montecatini Terme

As one of Albatross’s favourite adventures in Italy, The Italian ‘Grande’ tour features relaxing stops in many cities and towns. One of the occasions that creates countless fond memories for our guests is the included leisure day in Montecatini Terme. While this town’s most well-known calling card is its premier spas, there are many wonderful things here and nearby to satisfy travellers of all ages and interests. Read on for our breakdown of the best things to do during your free time in this lovely Italian location.

Wander the Spas

Montecatini Terme is home to wonderful thermal waters and spas. Indulge yourself in a spa therapy or simply enjoy pure relaxation on one of the peaceful garden benches as you watch the world go blissfully by. Please note that an entrance fee applies here – but for those seeking a truly resplendent experience, the spas are absolutely worth it.

Ride the Funicular up to Montecatini Alto

While the uphill train carriage ride is a fun experience, this journey is all about the destination. In Montecatini Alto, you can enjoy a leisurely lunch in the town square filled with cafés and restaurants then explore the delightful narrow streets. You’ll feel like you’re stepping back through time into old Italy. This hilltop town has several excellent vantage points looking down on Montecatini Terme below, as well as a path that winds around the edge of the town; there are so many opportunities to see stunning views and capture fantastic photographs.

Take a Daytrip to Florence

Albatross Tours features a scheduled visit to Florence, but one day just isn’t enough for some travellers! And rightfully so – spending several free hours in the birthplace of the Renaissance gives you time to do some shopping, explore antique galleries or travel up Giotto’s Bell Tower for some breathtaking views of the city sprawled elegantly below. With Florence just a 45-minute train journey from Montecatini Terme, this is a popular daytrip for our guests to embark on. The trip costs approximately $12 per person each way.

Explore the Town

Head to Viale Verdi (Green Avenue) to see some beautiful Liberty buildings. Highlights here include Palazzina Regia, the summer residence of Grand Duke Leopoldo, the town hall, and a statue for fallen soldiers. Those with artistic interests shouldn’t miss the Montecatini Contemporary Art Museum as it showcases many local pieces.

Relax in Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo is the town’s main square and is home to several quaint cafés and bars. This is the perfect spot to catch a glimpse of the local lifestyle by people-watching while relaxing over some hot coffee and Italian cuisine. The Piazza Del Popolo is also a popular place for visitors to enjoy dinner on the evening of the free day in Montecatini Terme.

This gorgeous town never fails to be a highlight of our Italian tours. Journey with our experienced guides and likeminded co-travellers to discover just how enchanting a holiday in Italy can be.

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