Instagram Inspiration: Irresistible Italy

Instagram Inspiration: Irresistible Italy

Just in case you needed a reminder of why this beautiful country has always been a bucket-list destination, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite Italy-based photographers on Instagram. Scroll down for fantastic photos that are sure to leave you daydreaming about an Italian adventure.

What Italy Is

What Italy Is - Instagram post

Handle: @whatitalyis

With incredible photos from every corner of Italy, @whatitalyis will ignite your wanderlust. This account manages to be both a love letter to Italian culture and a visual guide to some of the country’s most popular destinations.


Valentina Dainelli

Valentina Dainelli - Instagram post

Handle: @toomuchtuscany

The photos on this account belong to Valentina Dainelli, a freelance copywriter and travel blogger living in Tuscany. From picturesque vineyards in the countryside to the colourful streets of Florence, she captures the essence of everyday life in one of Italy’s prettiest regions.


Elizabeth Minchilli

Elizabeth Minchilli - Instagram Post

Handle: @eminchilli

With mouth-watering snaps of pizza, pasta, gelato, wine, treats and pretty much every other kind of Italian delicacy you can think of, Elizabeth Minchelli uses Instagram to show why Italy is famous for its food. Based in Rome, Elizabeth knows the Italian food scene so well she even has her own app called EAT ITALY.


Georgette Jupe

Georgette Jupe - Instagram Post

Handle: @girlinflorence

The Girl in Florence blog was created by Georgette after she found a lack of information about her own city of Florence. Originally from America, Georgette’s blog is all about her favourite hotspots and travel tips for Europe.


Simone Bramante

Simone Bramante - Instagram Post

Handle: @brahmino

Simone Bramante, an Italian creative director and photographer, takes highly stylised photos all over the world. The pictures he takes of his home country are some of the most stunning in his portfolio, and you can enjoy them on his Instagram.


Federica Bevi

Federica Bevi - Instagram Post

Handle: @federicola

Italian girl Federica posts about her lifestyle and fashion choices, giving her followers an insider’s view of life in Italy. Many of her posts have captions in both English and Italian, appealing to a wide variety of people and ensuring authenticity.


ITALY Magazine

Italy Magazine - Instagram Post

Handle: @italymagazine

This UK-based publication covers the best that Italy has to offer with a focus on authenticity, sharing news, reviews and tips about Italian culture, food, tourism and much more. The magazine’s Instagram account regularly features images from its followers to produce a varied and interesting newsfeed.


Daily Rome

Daily Rome - Instagram Post

Handle: @dailyrome

Sister publication to ITALY Magazine, Daily Rome provides travel inspiration specifically for the country’s capital city. While the site has not officially launched yet, the Instagram account is filled with beautiful imagery, mostly supplied by followers.

Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein - Instagram Post

Handle: @tuulavintage

Jessica is considered one of the top travel/fashion bloggers in the world. Constantly travelling between exotic locations and incredible scenery, Jessica has visited various areas in Italy a number of times and produced amazing imagery during her times here.


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