Join us on our NEW Mystery Tour


Euan Landsborough

Join us on our NEW Mystery Tour

Back in 2015 we ran our very first Mystery Tour. We ran another in 2019. Both tours went so well, and we had such fun exploring places in Europe that were simply different and often far off the regular tourist radar. Everyone loves a good mystery and by mixing the ‘unknown’ with the ‘out of the ordinary’ travel experiences we experienced truly Magical Mystery Tours.

The good news is we are launching our very first Christmas Markets Mystery Tour departing in December this year.  I am very excited because we are staying in places we have never been before and I have included some extraordinary new activities, It is going to be magnificent. A real ‘bucket list’ adventure.

So, would you like to join me?

The ‘Mystery’ concept…
If you don’t already know, you first need to understand the concept.
You will of course be told where and when we meet in Europe, where your first night stay will be, and where and when the tour will end. In fact, I will tell you that later in this letter.

Whilst I will be dropping teasing hints, the real detail will only unfold actually during the journey.  Usually, on the evening before we move to a new hotel stay, I will tell everyone where we will be sleeping next, and for how many nights. I’ll usually provide most of the details about what activities and adventures will be enjoying over the next day or so. But certainly not all the details, as we have to leave room for some wicked surprises!  Teasing is such fun, and from experience, we know the anticipation of the unknown adds so more excitement and fun.

This tour will be totally unique, even by Albatross standards!

Who can join?
Anyone. Or rather, anyone with a sprit of adventure, who likes surprises, and who loves the way we, at Albatross Tours operates our tours. There is a difference! Apart from myself and my wife Julie-anne, there will be just 28 ‘Mystery travellers’.

Numbers will be limited.

You ask… “But what if I have already been there?”
You won’t have! Or rather, apart from where we will start, it is highly unlikely you will have been to virtually any of the places. Some names will be world famous and some you will not have ever heard of.

There are some incredible sights out there that are totally ignored or bypassed by conventional travellers. So that is why we are visiting them! Do not expect… what will be the unexpected!

It is extremely unlikely that there will be much, if any, overlap with any European touring you may have done previously. If you have, even if it was with Albatross, it would have been ‘done’ differently. However, if you are concerned about re-visits, then drop me a line and I will provide reassurances verified against your specific, previous travels.

Are you interested? What next?
The first step is registering your interest.  In May we will put all the names into a hat and draw 28. Just 28. Those 28 people will then be contacted and invited to join us. Some will have a change of mind and decline and so we then draw more names.

The reality ..
Not everyone can possibly be invited to join. Last time we offered the Mystery tour we were 12 times oversubscribed. Expecting the same, this does mean that, sadly, a good number of names may not be drawn. There will be disappointment, but we can’t think of any fairer way to offer everyone the chance and then assemble numbers.

Let the first tease begin
Remembering this is a Mystery tour you really won’t know much about the tour before you meet us for pre-dinner drinks in Zurich on the 4th December 2022.

But this much I can tell you.

  • The registration ‘window’ is open for a very limited time. We start the draw and send out invitations in May. You therefore need to register now.
  • The tour will depart on the 4th December, 2022
  • It will be 15 days long and end in Zurich after breakfast on the 18th December. Ending on the 18th December means that it can be easily linked with the start dates of most of our Christmas tours.
  • My wife Julie-anne and I will be on board and we will be led by an expert Tour Manager - so you will be very well looked after on tour!
  • In 2020 we did a thorough rekey of these new sights. It was only at the end we suddenly realized if we connected the dots it would make an extraordinary Christmas Markets tour. Utterly new and unique.
  • The Zurich hotel is very near the railway station where the superb Christmas markets showpiece is a massive Christmas tree lit and decorated with 40,000 Swarovski crystals.
  • You will visit amazing Christmas Markets, you will dine on top of snowy mountain peaks, you will catch cable cars and trains aloft. I will teach you to make snow angels. And to…  and to….
  • There are 3 and 4 night stops, and all the fun things will be included.
  • A reasonable level of mobility is necessary, like any Albatross Christmas tour.
  • You will need to pack those splendid colourful European winter clothing.

Oh, and yes, you must love fondues, rosti, raclettes, Christmas Markets…  and snow.

Register your interest
Registration is absolutely non-binding.  We will be making the first draw in May and after that progressively sending out invitations from then on until all the space is filled.  Once invited, we will ask you to commit by way of deposit (as you would any other tour) within 7 days.

We will be providing more updates very soon. So, are you going to register for this Mystery of a lifetime? Click here to register your interest in the Mystery Tour, or if you would like to stay up to date with all of the News from the Nest, then don't forget to subscribe to Albatross Tours e-newsletter.

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