Northern Lights, Ice Hotels and Huskies

Northern Lights, Ice Hotels and Huskies

It’s hard to put a finger on exactly why the Northern Lights appeal to us so much. One thing’s for certain, their attraction is far greater than sheer beauty alone. The dancing, mystical coloured aerial waves that light the high Arctic sky have a dream-like appeal, a connection to the cosmos that somehow hints of another world.

Even for those with no penchant for science, the words “Aurora Borealis” conjure something quite magical. And the science is actually quite straightforward; these hypnotic illuminations are the result of gaseous particles from Earth’s atmosphere – mostly oxygen and nitrogen – colliding with charged particles from the sun.


For passionate travellers everywhere, to stand in awe under this swirling natural kaleidoscope of greens, yellows, reds and purples, on top of the world, is a dream to be realised. And now you can as part of an even bigger, even more captivating polar adventure.

Our new Northern Lights, Ice Hotels and Huskies tour is an exploration of this icy wonderland over nine spectacular days that will stay with you forever.

Tailored specifically for Australians and New Zealanders, this life-changing journey begins in Finland’s vibrant capital, Helsinki. Myriad bays, waterways and islands of the Gulf of Finland frame this ancient city that is renowned today for its striking architecture, lively bar scene and acclaimed restaurants.

From the cosmopolitan capital you’ll fly right to the Arctic Circle for two amazing days at Rovaniemi – the gateway to Lapland, known as the home of no less than Santa Claus! Where we stay ¬is a quintessential snow-covered enclave that looks like it’s jumped straight from the pages of a fairytale book.

Your adventure in this stunning region includes learning how to drive your own reindeer sled, snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing with a brief lesson included and visiting the Arktikum Science Centre and Museum that explains how people have survived in this extreme environment.


From Santa’s home it’s onward to Kemi where you will have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights while lying in bed! Yes, your accommodation here is an all-glass villa and as we avoid one night stays, it’s not just one night under the stars. Our two days in Kemi are spectacular as we explore Kiruna’s ice castle and walk across the frozen sea to the forest islands, we’ll also dine in a restaurant carved from ice and join an ice-breaker to smash through the frozen surface heading out into the Gulf of Bothnia which is the northernmost reach of the Baltic Sea.

On a holiday that will send you into an Instagram frenzy at every stop, one of the absolute standouts is kitting up in a super warm polar dry suit and then submerging into a smashed sea pool to bob and float around among massive chunks of floating ice. It’s something you’ll never forget.



This incredible adventure then continues 200 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle to Kiruna where your hands-on experiences continue with a snowmobile lesson in readiness for a night time safari to see the Northern Lights from deep in the wilderness. Here you’ll enjoy a log cabin dinner before returning to your amazing accommodation at the Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel. Time Magazine voted this specific, iconic Ice Hotel one of the top 100 places to see on Earth!

Sleeping in these fabulously surreal rooms made from artistically carved ice is an amazing experience. Despite a temperature range of -5 to -7 C in the rooms, you won’t need to worry about feeling the cold as expedition-style sleeping bags are provided and if you’re venturing outdoors, snowsuits, boots, gloves and balaclavas are provided. After your unforgettable nights in the ice, you’ll wake to a cup of hot lingonberry juice to kick-start the day. And to mix things up, we also spend one night in a ‘warm room’ cabin at the Ice hotel.


Our time in Kiruna also includes a guided visit of The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos and even a sled ride led by Huskies into the wilderness. There’s also plenty of ‘My Time’ available for you to go exploring making your own adventures in this amazing part of the world.


For the final two days, we head south to Stockholm for a panoramic city tour and ultimately, a special farewell dinner to exchange stories and memories of your time in the pristine, magical wonderland.

Numbers are strictly limited for this incredible adventure. For more information about our Northern Lights tours, contact us today.


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