Sardinia: The Su Gologone Hotel Experience

Sardinia: The Su Gologone Hotel Experience

Stay in the heart of wild Sardinia

In the east of Sardinia are the wild hills of the Supramonte Mountains, where shepherds commonly live past 100 years, and until recently, banditry flourished! Ancient olive trees and vineyards cling to the slopes of the mountains, and the air is fragrant with myrtle and rosemary. This part of the island is rich in traditions and history and is home to Su Gologone, one of the most memorable hotels you will ever stay in. 

The Experience

Su Gologone (pronounced ‘Sue-golo-gornay’) all started with the food! In 1967, newlyweds Peppeddu and Pasqua Palimodde opened the Oliena region’s first ever restaurant. The simple food cooked each day was such a success that people started visiting from far and wide. Accommodation in the area was scarce, so they opened a small hotel. The word spread that here was a very different Sardinia to be discovered. Their daughter Giovanna later transformed the hotel into a world-renowned destination, with exotic terraces and beautifully decorated hidden corners.

Whitewashed villas and terraced rooms scattered up a hillside of olive trees, oleander blooms, hydrangeas, and prickly pears, colourful décor with local crafts and artwork, stylish terraces and lounges. Interiors feature the works of local and national Sardinian artists, and the furnishings, crafts and décor are created in Su Gologone’s own Botteghe d’Arte.

The staff are all locals and so proud of their hotel, and all the food and wine originate from the surrounding local Oliena region.

And the Food…. Mmmmm

Dinner is always special and on one evening on your three-night stay with Albatross Tours, after a pre-dinner drink on the Champagnoteque (champagne terrace) enjoy the Sardinian specialty of roasted ‘Porceddu’ – Suckling Pig! (Don’t worry, vegetarians are well catered for!).

And on the farewell evening? Gather on one of the terraces to enjoy a tasting of local wines and produce. Before dinner relax around a bread oven in the Nido del Pane (Bread Basket) area, whilst an expert artisan baker will create and cook tasty local bread. 

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Albatross Tours stay three glorious nights at Hotel Su Gologone on their magnificent 15 day Sardinia & Corsica, the Lands of Myths and Legends tour. You will gather memories that last a lifetime! However, it will be returning home where you will find telling tales the hardest, trying to explain Sardinia’s soul, captured during your stay in remarkable Su Gologone, in those wild bandit hills!

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