Short Stays: How to spend 2 days in Amsterdam

Short Stays: How to spend 2 days in Amsterdam

6 things to experience in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is both a city of character and endless possibility. From touring the world famous canals to immersing yourself in the rich history of the Netherland’s capital, there is something for everyone in Amsterdam.  Perfect in any weather, Amsterdam is the kind of city that can be explored over weeks or in mere days - provided you know the right spots to visit.
Many of the most rewarding experiences Amsterdam has to offer are located in the city centre. This means that during even the briefest of visits, you can soak up the best of this vibrant and yet deeply historic city.  In a city that is famous for everything from beautiful historic buildings to world famous tulip fields, the possibilities for exploration are near endless. However, a short visit to Amsterdam is best spent visiting the historic sites and experiencing the Amsterdam culture that is talked about the world over.

1.   Museumplein

The cultural beating heart of Amsterdam is undoubtedly Museumplein. Home to the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum, as well as the Royal Concertgebouw, this district is an art lover’s utopia. Reconstructed in 1999, this leafy and architecturally stunning 19th century district is to be seen to be believed. The vast area of Museumplein means that it’s a place of endless activity. Be it open-air exhibitions, markets or outdoor ice rinks, the fun never stops at Museumplein.


2.   Anne Frank’s House

Established in 1957 with the help of Anne’s father, Otto Frank, the Anne Frank House is a place of remembrance. The story of Anne Frank has captured the attention of the world since her diary was found in 1944.
Hiding from the Nazi’s during their occupation of the Netherlands in 1942, Anne’s family, along with two other families lived in a secret annex in order to avoid being captured and sent to concetration camps. To occupy the long days, Anne would write in her diary.  Located in the city centre of Amsterdam, individuals can walk through the front of the house which is now a thought provoking museum, and see Anne’s diary. However, the back annex has been preserved in order to show the modern age exactly what life was like for Anne and the families she hid with.

3.   Bollenstreek

Bollenstreek, or more commonly, the Flower Strip, is a treat for the eyes. Every spring, the entire region from Leiden to Haarlem bursts into vivid colours as bulbs shoot up and millions upon millions of flowers blossom. Bold stripes of colour transform the landscape, giving the impression of blooms that stretch as far as the horizon. Whether you’re looking for tulips and daffodils or dahlias and carnations, at some point during the year those very flowers will transform miles of lowland fields into colourful delights.

4.   Artis Zoo

One of the oldest zoos in Europe, the small yet beautiful Artis Zoo boasts a canal-side setting and an array of animals. The Artis Zoo is a place where nature, culture and heritage seemingly come together in order to express unique stories.  Located in the heart of Amsterdam, visitors can stroll among the shady trees and observe giraffes and zebras, walk through an impressive aquarium or experience Micropia, the only microbe museum in the world.


5.   Albert Cuyp Markt

This street length market is a great way to indulge in great food and soak up the Amsterdam atmosphere all in one place. Albert Cuyp Markt is open all year long from Monday to Saturday in order to showcase the colourful displays of food, products and fun to as many people as possible.  Known as the most popular market of the region, Albert Cuyp Markt is the perfect place to experience authentic Amsterdam culture and atmosphere. Home to 260 markets, Europe’s biggest market has something for everyone.

6.   Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder

The Museum of Our Lord in the Attic was once Amsterdam’s best kept secret, but now this former church, also known as Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder is a favourite of locals and visitors alike. The church, which is spread across the top three floors of a 17th century canal house has been beautifully preserved.  While architecturally beautiful, this church is steeped in history. This is because this church is where Catholics would come to pray when public displays of worship were banned in 1578. Subsequently offering a one of a kind insight into religious persecution in the 17th century.

Experience Amsterdam with Albatross Tours

Architecturally stunning and full of history, Amsterdam should be on everyone’s bucket list. The perfect blend of museums, nature, history and European culture, Amsterdam has something for everyone to enjoy.  With Albatross Tours’ 10 day Belgium & Holland, Cobblestones and Windmills tour, you can experience Amsterdam - among other cities.
Designed for Australians and New Zealanders, Albatross Tours are conceived to be small and inclusive. Yet the biggest drawcard might be the fact that no matter the tour, personal exploration time is always guaranteed. Meaning that when this particular tour stops in Amsterdam, you can delight in everything from the Flower Strip to the Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder all at your own pace.
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