Sicily, Malta & The Aeolian Islands | Albatross Tours

Sicily, Malta & The Aeolian Islands | Albatross Tours

There’s only one worthwhile way to make your way around Italy’s southern tip – slowly. 

If you’re intent on soaking in the summer sun, breathing in fresh Italian countryside, and tasting the finest of authentic Italian food, we suggest you take your time and leave the beaten track for a moment. 

Albatross Tours knows how to pick a good street vendor from a mile away and knows the Sicilian backroads so that you can enjoy the most unique experience.

Allow us to take you on a journey through Italy’s deep south, around Sicily, past Malta and the Aeolian islands, before venturing up towards Rome – and no further! 

Here, you’ll find a lack of crowds and an abundance of beauty. Let’s start from the top shall we? 

Rome – and no further

Every great adventure has to start somewhere, right? That’s what we thought when we designed our 17-day Deep South & Sicily Tour. Spend a night settling into your surroundings, possibly adjusting to a new culture, as we offer a welcome drink in the eternal city. 

Come morning, we’ll be setting off for Alberobello – 5 hours southeast of Rome by car – a drive that bypasses quintessential countryside and lands you in an unusual town made from  whitewashed ‘bee hive’ type houses called ‘Trulli’.

A few days in and around Alberobello allows you to sightsee at your own pace and with your dedicated Tour Manager. We’ll then move along for another few nights in the nearby town of Matera, near the ‘ankle’ of Italy. 

Matera will include views down toward the old town which was suspected to be home to the oldest inhabitants on Italian soil. 

Sicily Awaits

If your curiosity is pulling you towards the island of Sicily, there are multiple touring options available with Albatross. You can opt for exploring the gorgeous  Deep South & Sicily Tour, or we also have a 15-day Sicily, Malta & Aeolian Islands Tour. This second option begins with welcome drinks in the city of Palermo, in the island’s northwest. 

Save your energy though, the following four days will have you galavanting around the Aeolian Islands, visiting a 500-year-old citadel, enjoying beachside lunches, and witnessing lava fireworks by night. 

In the south of Sicily, you can wander Greek and Roman ruins scattered around the city of Ortigia. Nearby, in ‘Godfather Country’ the hillside village of Osteria will host a sumptuous lunch of authentic local cuisine.

Over the next four days, you can visit four of the eight towns which make up a UNESCO World Heritage site, including Noto, Torre Marabino, Ragusa, and Modica. This region has it all: Churches, palaces and farmhouse restaurants.

The Exquisite Malta

As your days in Sicily cross into double digits, you’ll cross the Malta Channel and arrive in Malta’s capital, the town of Valletta.

Malta is home to grandiose ramparts and fortifications from centuries gone by. The island was previously caught between infamous wars between ancient civilisations, making it a gold mine for ancient architecture – some of which featured in the Game of Thrones TV series. 

Two megalithic temples called Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra have been around for 5000 years and you’ll have the opportunity to explore them at your own pace.

You’re in Safe Hands with Albatross

The Deep South tours of Italy & Malta have all you could ask of this beautiful corner of the world, so allow Albatross Tours to take the stress out of planning. We make sure your time and money is maximised on holiday, balancing escorted tours with “My Time’, so you do not feel exhausted by your long-awaited holiday. 

Contact our European Travel Experts  to join one of our Southern Italy and Malta small group tours, and see a different side to Italy. 

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