Snap Your Way Around Beautiful Europe

Snap Your Way Around Beautiful Europe

What better way to capture the memories of your travels than through a photo? With modern technology making it even easier to take photos no matter where you are, there’s so much room for creativity.


One of the most picturesque places to exercise your photography skills in is Europe. Known for its long history and breathtaking scenery, Europe holds an abundance of natural attractions, monuments, and landmarks to take a lasting souvenir to share the joy of your explorations with yourself and others for years to come.

Tip: Think about packing several batteries and extra memory cards for your camera. And for those shooting images from their camera phones, bring a portable charger so that you don’t miss any opportunity to capture the beauty of these historic cities.

If you are concerned about the hordes of people, think about getting up early when places tend to be a bit more quiet. And keep in mind that people are also part of the journey, too! Don’t be afraid to take photos that include the movement and colour of the people, as it can inject more personalisation into a picture.

The most photogenic destinations in Europe

The Venice canals, Italy


There is something ever so charming and romantic about the Venetian streets, with their winding canals and iconic gondolas. You will literally find something beautiful to capture with every corner you turn.

Every canal has its own charm; there may be boats docked along the water’s edge or quaint cafes in cozy corners. The addition of water allows for some creative shots, especially on those misty mornings or as the sun dawns, casting colour and shadow along the glassy surface of the canals.

And keep in mind that as there are minimal roads in this city, be mindful you’ll be doing a lot of walking unless you jump in a gondola.

Copenhagen, Denmark


One of the most popular and attractive sites to take photos in Copenhagen is at the harbourside of Nyhavn. The visual impact made by the colourful buildings means it’s nearly impossible to take a bad photo! You can find beautiful canals, bridges, and buildings here and wonderful spots to people watch. If the subject is willing, politely ask if they would like to have their portrait taken or snap a photo of people dining in one of the outdoor cafes along the wharf to capture that human element. The backdrop of the bright architecture and boats on the water is guaranteed to be postcard perfect.

Nearby, other visual points of interest include the Little Mermaid bronze statue which can be captured early in the morning for a nice silhouette against the rising sun (and to avoid the crowds).

Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, has an abundance of photogenic locations. One of the more unusual and impressive landmarks is a building known as “the dancing house”. This piece of modern Czech architecture is a playful subject to photograph, with its leaning building that looks like a person leaning into their dance partner. Also known as “Fred and Ginger” for this reason, the structure was built in 1996 and was inspired by the dance skills of the famous film couple Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The curving outlines come up well on camera, giving any photo a moving effect.

Play around with the composition of your photo to capture the angles of the building in its best light. Choose a 24-70mm mid-range zoom lens on a full frame camera or an 18-55mm on a crop sensor camera for a wider angle. 

This dancing house is located by the picturesque Vltava River which flows through the centre of the city. For a great picture up the river, scout out Charles Bridge which will allow you to take a panoramic photograph over the river and its historic buildings &  bridges.

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