The Benefits of Small Travel Groups


Euan Landsborough

The Benefits of Small Travel Groups

Organised group tours are a fun and memorable way to explore new destinations. For many years, the favoured way to tour Europe was either on large group tours or by travelling solo. While both options are great, there has been an increase in desire to find a tour package that’s somewhere in between; giving you the option of that community group feel, but with a more personalised experience so that you have the flexibility to do some independent exploring. That’s where small group tours come in!

What is considered small group travel?

Small group tours allow for a more intimate setting on your overseas holiday, as these tours cater for only a small number of people. At Albatross Tours, the average small group tour size is just 22 passengers, allowing travellers to enjoy more small, personal groups and a more exclusive holiday experience.

The benefits of a small group tour

Travellers in general love small group travel as it gives them a more authentic travel experience, while still offering the opportunity to get to know fellow adventurers! In particular, our groups are small enough to be able to feel like you’re exploring independently, but big enough to enjoy that social camaraderie you can only experience when adventuring with fellow Australian travellers.

Here are some more benefits of small group tours:

1.    You don't feel (or become!) lost in the crowd
Unlike most larger tour groups of 50+ passengers, small tour groups allow for the chance to speak up and talk to your local tour guide, to ask questions about the local area, and enjoy an overall more relaxed tour.

As there’s less people in the group, you can also enjoy the flexibility of longer touring times. And you don’t have to worry about being just another face in the crowd.

2.    Your small group tour guide can share more of their knowledge
An experienced and knowledgeable tour guide is invaluable when travelling to new destinations. They are a fountain of information when it comes to local attractions, customs, culture, and history. And as you won’t have to compete with many other tour members to ask your guide for advice or travel directions, you are able to get a lot more out of your tour.

3.    A chance to go ‘off the beaten path’
The accessibility and flexibility of a small group tour can make a huge difference to your overall travel experience. Instead of being caught up in a ‘whirlwind’ tour and just scratching the surface of your destination, a small group tour allows for easier access and logistics. And with a small group of people, you are able to explore places that may not be accessible in larger coaches designed to carry 40+ passengers.

4.    Travel with like-minded companions
A great benefit of small group tours is that you’ll be with a group of like-minded travellers who share the same interests and sense of exploration as you do.

In addition, the smaller, more intimate group allows for better interaction with fellow tourers, and can result in long-lasting friendships!

5.    A more personalised experience
Travelling in small groups allows for greater flexibility and a personalised itinerary. Small group tours are more able to cater to your interests and incorporate experiences for everyone to enjoy. With complete attention of your guide, you can enjoy your European holiday the way you want to.

And thanks to our belief that more time is sometimes necessary in certain locations than the usual ‘drive in and out’ practice offered by many other European tour providers, we offer stays in some locations for multiple days in one location, with 2,3,4 and even 7 nights in some locales.

Which type of small group tour should I choose?

Albatross Tours prides itself on being one of the earliest innovators of small group touring. If you are looking to experience Europe for the first time - or perhaps as a return trip! - a small group tour will allow you to enjoy the most personalised and in-depth holiday experience than any other tour service.

All of our Europe and UK Summer small group tours are capped at just 28 passengers, meaning you will be able to enjoy the more personal interaction with our expert guides, and to discover the local destination to a greater level than you would on any other tour.

Discover the Albatross small group tour difference today

Book your next European adventure with the small group tour experts – Albatross Tours. You can find out more about the Albatross Tours difference here.

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