The Best Destinations for Solo Travellers Over 40

The Best Destinations for Solo Travellers Over 40

When it comes to travelling Europe alone, age really is just a number. However, some European countries and cities are particularly well-suited to solo travellers over 40. If you fall into this category, here are some of the best countries to visit – and some handy tips to help you make the most of your holiday.    

Spain’s Secret Delights

When you think of Spain, you might imagine relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying tapas in beautiful piazzas. Well, as long as you avoid the touristy hubs, that’s exactly what a holiday here can be like! 
The trick with Spain is to skip the over-hyped destinations (like the resort town of Magaluf) and instead explore the more ‘hidden’ treasures. From the scenic mountaintop village of Ronda to the ancient city of Salamanca, there are plenty of places to enjoy when taking the road less travelled in Spain.

Key Tip: Avoid the crowds. When travelling Europe alone, you don’t want every site you visit to be packed with people. To plan an uncrowded itinerary, try skipping peak season and avoiding the biggest tourist magnets. 


Switzerland’s Alpine Chalets

Switzerland is a hugely popular destination during the colder months of the year, but its mountain chalets become less crowded in summer. Once the skiers go home, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery without fighting through the crowds (or the cold). Exploring also tends to be easier, as the roads aren’t so prone to getting cut off by ice and snow, and more hiking trails remain open. 
Albatross runs tours in Switzerland throughout the year, all of which are suited to solo travellers. 

Key Tip: Choose a time of year that isn’t so ‘hustle and bustle’. Travelling Europe alone is more enjoyable (and relaxing) when there are less tourists to contend with. 

Italy’s Captivating Story

As a mature traveller, you likely have a deeper appreciation of history and culture than you did a few decades ago. If you enjoy discovering the past, you can’t go past fascinating Italy. From the ruins of Pompeii to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, every landmark evokes the country’s captivating history. 
Italy’s well-established tourism industry makes it a convenient place to navigate as well, even if you’re travelling solo. Simply hop on a train or bus to travel between cities, or join Albatross on one of our Italian tours.

Key Tip: Immerse yourself in history. Apart from the landmarks and beautiful scenery, Europe’s history is one of its greatest attractions. Travelling by yourself means you can delve into whichever period you find the most fascinating. 


France’s Loire Valley

With its reasonable proximity to the Mediterranean, France is generally one of Europe’s milder destinations when it comes to climate. While some parts of the country can get a bit chilly in winter, the Loire Valley enjoys pleasant temperatures all year round. 
As for avoiding the crowds, you’ll find the towns and chateaux of this region wonderfully relaxed compared to hotspots like Paris. The Loire Valley truly is an enchantingly easy destination to explore when travelling Europe alone.

Key Tip: Avoid extreme temperatures. If you get hot or cold easily, choose a destination and time of year that will keep you comfortable during your solo holiday. For example, avoid Portugal in the middle of summer and steer clear of the Czech Republic during winter.

Regardless of your age, Europe has something to offer every generation. To become an even more confident mature solo traveller, see our tips on exploring Europe for over 50s

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