The Best Tours for First-Time Europe Travellers

The Best Tours for First-Time Europe Travellers

Ready to plan your first trip to Europe? The countries, tours and experiences available are virtually endless! However, there are some specific tours perfectly suited to first-time visitors to the continent.

Whether you’re worried about culture shock, looking for the best bucket-list itinerary or just wanting to sample what Europe has to offer, consider the 5 tour suggestions below.

Best of British Tour: Just Like Home (Well… Almost)

Travelling abroad can be daunting when you’re not an experienced globetrotter. Britain is the perfect destination if you’d like to avoid culture shock during your first trip to Europe because:

  • Many social customs and mannerisms are familiar
  • The language is the same as home (apart from a few interesting slang terms)
  • The food here is very similar to Australia and New Zealand (even if most of us don’t call it ‘bangers and mash’!)

If it wasn’t for the cash (pounds), the accents and the not-as-sunny weather, you might wonder if you were really on the other side of the world at all. But don’t worry – fascinating sites like Stonehenge, Warwick Castle and Stratford-upon-Avon will constantly remind you that you are in fact in Britain!

Read more about our Best of British Tour.


New Year in an Italian Castle Tour: A Quick Sample

Not sure if Europe is your cup of tea? A short 7-day trip like our New Year in an Italian Castle Tour is the perfect ‘taste test’ of the continent. You’re bound to have a marvellous time anyway, but you’ll also find out whether a full-blown tour of Europe is something you’d like to try for your next big holiday.

This tour is a particularly fantastic option – and not just because Italy is beautiful around New Year. It also gives you a chance to sample a little bit of Austria and Switzerland, so you’ll have a better idea of where you might enjoy spending time on a longer trip.


Glorious Germany and the Czech Republic Tour: A Little Bit of Everything

Joining this tour, which is one of our newest itineraries, gives you a variety of great experiences across 3 fabulous countries:

  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Austria

This means you get to pack a whole lot of excitement and wonder into a medium-sized holiday (14 days). Immerse yourself in beautiful Berlin, spend 3 nights in dreamy Dresden, explore postcard-perfect Prague with its medieval architecture, relive The Sound of Music in Salzburg, and more.

The Gloious Germany & the Czech Republic tour really has a bit of everything. 


The Ireland Connection Tour: Minimal Culture Shock

Keen for a ‘homely’ holiday experience in Europe? But not really that interested in Britain? No worries! Ireland might be the place to go instead. As with the UK, Ireland has plenty in common with Australia and New Zealand. So you won’t have to worry about culture shock turning up uninvited and spoiling your trip.


At the same time, Ireland has plenty of stunning features you’d never find at home. You’ll love seeing the incredible Cliffs of Moher in person, as well as exploring Killarney National Park, wandering the Newgrange megalithic tombs, and – of course – kissing the famous Blarney Stone. Oh, and there are enchanting castles everywhere!

Check out The Ireland Connection Tour itinerary to start planning your Irish adventure.


La Grande France Tour: Simply Iconic

If you want your first trip to Europe to be the holiday of a lifetime, you have to trust your bucket list. For many people, France is right near the top of that list. If you’re one of those people, consider our La Grande France Tour.

You’ll get to discover some of the country’s most marvellous regions, from the Loire Valley and the Dordogne to Provence and the Côte d’Azur (the French Riviera). Bring plenty of appetite; French cuisine and wine never disappoint.

Alternatively, France might not be your highest priority – and that’s fine too. Other tours that fit in the ‘simply iconic’ category include:

Still struggling to decide where to go for your first trip of Europe? Call us to speak with an expert. We can help you work out which tour is best suited to your dream holiday.


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