Top Festivities You Can Only Experience in Europe

Top Festivities You Can Only Experience in Europe

Europe is the place to go for all things winter wonderland. Though you may need to wear your winter woollies, the pure white snow adds a dash of magic to all that it touches, turning the mundane into something more memorable. 

From magical, icy caverns to the charming Santa Claus Village, there are plenty of festive experiences for you to fully embrace the holiday spirit. 

In this blog, we explore the different ways you join in on the festivities and make your winter holiday one to remember. 


A Village For The Young and Young at Heart

Nothing says the ‘spirit of Christmas’ like the Santa Claus Village. Located in Rovaniemi, Finland, this snow-covered village has many activities for the young and young at heart.

For the animal lovers, you can visit the village’s reindeer and husky farms. Feeling a bit adventurous? Go on a safari and enjoy the spectacular verdant surroundings while being pulled along by reindeer or husky.

If shopping’s more your scene, then the village boasts a diverse range of shops and markets for you to peruse. You can purchase local handicrafts made from specialsed craftspeople, or you can celebrate the season with a vibrant Christmas sweater.

There’s a collection of restaurants and unique dining experiences for you to explore too. Enjoy the rustic hospitality of the Christmas House Restaurant & Bar, or immerse yourself in the enchanting landscape at the Glass Resort Restaurant. 

This humble village features on one of our Northern Lights Tours – the Northern Lights, Ice Hotels & Huskies Tour


A Fairytale Market

The Würzburg Christmas Market in Germany is set against a picturesque backdrop of exquisite Baroque architecture. Artisans of all kinds gather together in the festive spirit to sell their wares and spread joy. With more than 120 wooden stalls present, you can discover a range of unique, Christmas-themed goods you won’t find anywhere else. 

For the foodie, sample a diverse collection of local delicacies, like Franconian Christmas cookies and roasted almonds. You can even taste their popular Glühwein – a warmed wine that infuses Christmas aromatics and spices.

The array of goods for sale spans from handmade clothing and jewellery, to expertly crafted wooden toys. You can also pick up some quirky Christmas decorations to add a European touch to your tree or home. 

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A Holiday of Ice and Fire

Add an adventuring twist to your Christmas holiday by spelunking through Iceland’s Dragon Glass Ice Cave. This jaw-dropping sight is an exploration playground for veteran and novice explorers. 

Outside this icy spectacle, the Dragon Glass Ice Cave boasts panoramic views of the Icelandic ash-dusted desert. Inside this grand cave, you can have a first-hand look at the magical fusion of ice and ash. You can cross bridges and get up close to the frosty walls of this cavernous wonder.

Exploring this natural Nordic wonder is the perfect adventure for all explorers young and old – just make sure you bring proper hiking equipment, such as hiking boots and waterproof clothing.

This popular magical expedition is part of our Iceland, Fire, Ice Caves & Frozen Waterfalls tour.

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It’s the season to be merry, have fun and embark on whimsical adventures. From a charming little Christmas village to daring treks in ice caverns, there’s a wintery experience out there that can meet your holidaying tastes. 

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