Traveller Story: A Grande Time in Italy


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Traveller Story: A Grande Time in Italy

Carolyn Ostridge and her husband travelled on the Italian Grande tour in September 2014. They loved all of the wonderful destinations visited on tour from ancient Pompeii to the breathtaking Capri. Carolyn loved the fact that they got to see so much of Italy without being rushed.



Carolyn Ostridge

What tour did you travel on?

Italian Grande

When did you travel?

September 2014

Why did you select this particular tour?

The tour stayed at least 2 nights at each place. We would go to all of the great places we wanted to see. It was also a smaller group of Australian and New Zealanders which was what we wanted.

Who did you travel with?

My husband

Have you travelled with us previously? 

No that was our first trip, but we are wanting to do many more!

What was your favourite place/s on your Albatross tour?

It was all just beautiful. The gorgeous countryside and our personal visit to a family winery in Tuscany. The unbelievable history and ruins in Pompeii. The underground city and amazing history in Rome and Florence. Venice and our beautiful romantic gondola ride. Cinque Terre beaches and walks were spectacular. Breath-taking Capri and the blue and green grottos. It was all just perfect and our amazing tour guide Mary who went above and beyond for us all. A fantastic tour we will never forget. We got to see so much at a great pace, never feeling rushed. Thank you Albatross Tours. 

What was the most amazing thing you saw or did on your Albatross tour?

Definitely the tour to the Blue and Green grottos at Capri. It was truely spectacular and we will never forget it. Venice of course was another highlight. Such a unique and romantic place. St Marc's Square had such a lovely feel. Orchestra playing while we are lunch. Just beautiful. Ancient Pompeii was great, far better than we could have imagined. Tuscany stole our hearts. We loved it so much we want to go back for a 3 month holiday.

What was your most memorable moment on tour?

Going to Tuscany was our most memorable moment. Being able to spend so much time exploring the area was great. The view from our hotel window was magnificent. Everywhere we went had a spectacular view. If I shut my eyes it takes me back. Truly memorable!

What was your favourite meal on tour?

Definitely at the winery. Our hosts were great. We all had a great night. Food was amazing.

What advice do you have for anyone interested in travelling on this tour?

Do it. Highly recommend it. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Would you recommend this tour to family and friends? If so, why?

We already have. Great pace. Great selection of sightseeing towns. Well organised. Fantastic!

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