Traveller Story: Cruising Through Croatia and Admiring the Adriatic


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Traveller Story: Cruising Through Croatia and Admiring the Adriatic

Before my trip with Albatross Tours, I imagined Croatia to be a country full of fantastic scenery, scrumptious seafood and fascinating history. Now I know this wonderful nation is all this, and so much more.

Thanks to taking part in the Croatia & the Adriatic Tour in September last year, I now have countless magical memories that can spring to mind any time I think of Europe. Picture charming terracotta-topped towns, glistening Adriatic waters, beautiful island villages, and stunning historic architecture… it’s not hard to see why Croatia captured my heart!

I embarked on this tour with my wife and 2 long-time friends (all of us are in our early ‘60s). I know we all reminisce about this holiday as an easy highlight of our lives so far – and if the opportunity arose, we would do it all again in an instant.

Highlights of the Tour

Looking back on my Croatian trip, there are 3 things that stand out in my memory as the icing on the cake:

The Stunning Scenery

From stop to stop, every island, town and city had superb scenery to enjoy. I loved the pretty port town of Cavtat, the natural landscapes of Krka National Park, and the carefully reconstructed architecture in Mostar and Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Island of Hvar

The locations on this island were breathtakingly beautiful. Stari Grad, Vrbroska, Jelsa, and – of course – Hvar Town itself were all such a delight to see from afar and then explore up close.

The Relaxed Pace

When going on an organised tour, I think it’s normal to worry that the pace might be too fast for you. With this Albatross tour, the speed was perfect from the first moment. It was so nice to have just the right amount of time to immerse ourselves in the sites we visited. In particular, this relaxed pace allowed us to really experience the night-time atmosphere of Trogir, Hvar and Dubrovnik. After the crowds died down and cruise passengers went back on board their vessels, our tour group was able to stay in town after dusk as the locals came out to enjoy the evening.

Before departing, I was most looking forward to the scenery of the Dalmatian Islands and visiting Dubrovnik. It was a pleasant surprise to find that so much of the tour was just as satisfying as the specific places I had anticipated being the highlights.

Croatian Cuisine

Croatia is simply a dream come true for any seafood lover – it’s all delicious. The oysters of Mali Ston were a highlight, of course, but the fresh and tasty options were great everywhere. Between the included meals, I was also delighted by how cheap the food was during the tour.

My Top Tip

If you’re preparing for a holiday in Croatia, it’s essential to pack some breathable clothing – the weather is quite warm. Even more important: make sure you have a pair of excellent walking shoes because the most wonderful Croatian experiences involve some trekking.


I would absolutely recommend the Croatia & the Adriatic Tour in a heartbeat to anyone who’s keen to see one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. With the relaxed pace of the tour and the great group I was part of, I have nothing but wonderful memories of my time in this stunning region of the world.

Courtesy of Albatross Traveller - Larry Burrows


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