Traveller Story: Discovering the Emerald Isle


Albatross Traveller

Traveller Story: Discovering the Emerald Isle


Elizabeth Allan

What tour did you travel on?

The Ireland Connection, July 2019.

Why did you select this particular tour?

I always wanted to go to Ireland.

Who did you travel with?

A friend.

Have you travelled with us previously?

  • Christmas in the Swiss Alps 2015
  • New Year in an Italian Castle 2015
  • Italian Lakes and Tuscany 2017
  • Ireland Connection 2019

What was your favourite place/s on your Albatross tour?

I enjoyed every part of the tour and felt at home where ever I was. Killarney and Galway were great for street entertainment, pubs and live music. I loved the remoteness of the Aran Islands, its hard to imagine how they lived way back then. I also loved the amazing stone structures and the great age of all the buildings. It was fascinating to see all the stone walls everywhere in the open spaces.

Tell us about your most memorable moment on tour?

I travelled with a wonderful group of 26, plus a great tour guide in Tom and bus driver Tony. Every aspect was memorable!


What was your favourite meal on tour?

Day 2 of the tour at The Church in Dublin, a great old building, plus the breakfast at Vienna Woods Hotel was great with very happy staff.

What advice do you have for anyone interested in travelling on this tour?

Go and enjoy Ireland and be surprised!


Would you recommend this tour to family and friends?

Yes without a doubt!

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