Traveller Story: Magical Christmas Markets


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Traveller Story: Magical Christmas Markets

Julia travelled on our German & Austrian Christmas Markets tour in December 2015. She enjoyed exploring the beautiful towns and cities while soaking up the Christmas spirit.



Julia Higginbotham

What tour did you travel on?

German & Austrian Christmas Markets

When did you travel? 

December, 2015

Who did you travel with?

I travelled on my own, so it was great to be on tour with a group of people.

Why did you select this particular tour?

I was drawn to this tour as it gave me the opportunity to enjoy a holiday in Europe when the towns and villages were full of festive spirit. 

Have you travelled with Albatross Tours previously?

No, this was my first Albatross Tour

What was your favourite places on your Albatross tour?

There were so many! I loved the village of Rothenburg. Staying in the Old Town, amongst the cobble stoned streets and picture book houses, the town brought alive the Christmas spirit. Hearing the sounds of children singing carols while browsing the market stalls will always stand out in my memory.  
Salzburg was absolutely beautiful and it quickly became one of my favourite European cities. The locals were all so friendly and there was a very positive atmosphere throughout the whole city. I loved how vast yet unique the different Christmas markets were. The guided walking tour was exceptional – standing in Mirabelle gardens with music from an accordion player drifting through is an experience I’ll always cherish. I also got to indulge in Austrian cakes in a traditional teahouse!

What was the most amazing thing you saw or did on your Albatross tour?

Travelling up to the summit of the Zugspitze mountain was amazing. The day started in a town called Garmisch-Partenkirchen where we boarded a funicular train, taking us past frost covered fields, giving the appearance of snow before commencing the climb up the mountain.

Arriving at Zugspitzeplatt station, we had the chance to enjoy a warming lunch before some time to enjoy the view out across the Alps. The views were incredible, with pure white snow and picture perfect blue skies to match. Walking across the snow with it crunching under my feet, I felt like a kid again, wanting to jump around and play.

Before long it was time to take the cable car up to the summit. Travelling up the cable car, the views just got better and better! Once we reached the summit, it really felt like we were on top of the world.  

Tell us about your most memorable moment on tour?

My most memorable moment was enjoying the Christmas Markets with the other travellers. Although I was travelling solo, I quickly made friends and connections. I would often be wandering the stalls looking for beautiful treasures to take home before bumping into friends from the tour. We would all enjoy some local food and drinks together while chatting, and it really felt like we were locals rather than tourists soaking up the beautiful destination we were in.

What was your favourite meal on tour?

Eating and drinking was always a delight during the tour, especially in Salzburg and Munich. German and Austrian food is so warm and hearty – perfect for the cool weather. Enjoying potato soup, beef goulash and apple strudel… all of it was excellent!

What advice do you have for anyone interested in travelling on this tour?

Firstly, if you’re considering a Christmas tour in Europe, I highly recommend the German and Austrian Christmas Markets Tour. With 8 Christmas markets to visit, this was truly a shopper’s (and Christmas lover’s) delight!
I would suggest you allow yourself to have plenty of free space in your luggage before the tour or even bring an extra carry-on bag just for your shopping. You’re sure to come across countless items you’ll want to make your own, and there’s nothing worse than leaving something behind because you don’t have room for it!

Would you recommend this tour to family and friends? If so, why?

Definitely! The tour attracts such a great mix of people, mothers travelling with their daughters, couples, friends and solo travellers that you are sure to create some special memories.

Have you travelled with Albatross Tours previously?

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