What is the Perfect Group Tour Size for Travelling Europe?

What is the Perfect Group Tour Size for Travelling Europe?

Group travel experiences are a fantastic way to explore a new country with an itinerary that is already laid out for you, accommodation already booked, meals included, and activities mapped out. 
Group tours ensure you not only get the best travel experience and a good sample of the local culture, but you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends with the people in your tour group as you explore historical buildings, the wonders of the world and local museums together. And if you’re taking along your family or friends, you’ll experience all the wonders of travelling together without the added stress of making sure you don’t lose each other in another country.
But, is group travel right for you? Not all group travel experiences are designed to be the same, and you’ll often find tours are grouped in categories such as adventure tours, special interest tours and age based tours. Albatross Tours offers smaller group tours for this very reason, so that you can enjoy traveling around Europe with like-minded travelers, whom possess an eagerness to explore as you are.
So, why should you choose a group tour? We take a look here.

Benefits of traveling in groups or with friends

Take the hassle out of travelling


If you’ve ever been traveling and have missed your connecting flight, lost a member of your group, booked into the wrong hotel or got lost somewhere you couldn’t speak the language, you’ll know that group tours really can take the hassle out of traveling. Your connecting buses, accommodation, meals and plans for each day are all laid out for you, and all you need to do is sit back and make sure you’ve got your best sightseeing shoes on.

Spend quality time with family or friends


Group travel is perfect for those with mature family or friends of the same age group, and is a great way to do something together that fits a range of abilities and interests. Albatross Tours have a range of different packages for families wanting to tour by themselves as a group (if you can get enough of you together!) or as part of a general group tour. With the information already laid out for you, the whole family will be able to know exactly what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be going.

A more intimate and unique experience


Smaller group sizes often get to experience tourist destinations that are more exclusive than those travelling in larger groups. You may find you get to visit off the map destinations such as exclusive wine tasting or sightseeing experiences that are only open to smaller groups. 

The best destinations for group travel in Europe

You’ve decided group travel is definitely the way to go, so now you’ve just got to decide what you’d like to see in Europe! Our top picks for Group Travel experiences in Europe with Albatross Tours will help you get inspired for your European adventure.

The Best of British Tour


A 16 day tour with a small group of only 10 - 28 people, the Best of British Tour offers a chance to experience the best of what the UK has to offer. Each location has a two to three night stay, with a range of activities as you tour from Stonehenge to Whitby, Oxford to Cotswald and Bath to Leeds, with a carefully selected pick of authentically British locations in between. 

Glorious Germany and the Czech Republic Tour


Berlin, Dresden, Prague and Salzburg are all stops on this Eastern European tour, with a host of activities, accommodations and meals planned in between. Tour castles, forests and historical landmarks over 14 days on this tour, which is perfect for Australian and New Zealand travellers wanting to experience Eastern Europe.

La Grande France Tour


France is a popular ultimate bucket list destination for many people, and there’s no better time than in your golden years to travel as part of a group to see all the wonderful sights of the most romantic country in the world. Over 15 days and with a small group of only 10 - 28 people, you and your group will travel from Paris to Nice with a large amount of stops in between. Mix sightseeing and shopping for the ultimate group tour of a lifetime. 

The best group sizes for travelling in Europe

Albatross Tours always have their travellers experience in mind, and by keeping many of our small group tours* capped at 28 people, you’ll enjoy the benefits of more one on one time with your tour manager, better chances at getting a good view of the sights you want to see with less people crowding around, and the chance for greater flexibility to incorporate the way you travel. 
Family or friend groups who join a small sized tour are best in groups of four to six so you can each enjoy special moments on your holiday together, whilst having the freedom to meet new people on the tour and take the opportunity to go off and do your own thing for a while. 
Travelling in larger tours can often mean less time with your guide, battling for room at photo opportunities, and fewer chances to experience the true local customs and culture of the area. Larger groups are often confined to coaches that are packed to the brim, meaning your travel might not be as relaxing as you hoped it would be.

Stop dreaming and start doing

Travelling Europe can be a daunting experience, particularly if you have never travelled before or have been saving your vacation time until retirement. Going as part of a group (either with or without family or friends) ensures you’ll get the best experience in a tour that has been selected to include the best activities, quality hotels and choice of cuisine depending on where you want to go in Europe. 
Want to take the hassle out of planning and experience a tour like no other? We can help! If you’re looking to organise or be a part of a group tour across Europe, speak to the friendly team of experts at Albatross Tours today to discover your next holiday.

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