Why Should You Travel to Croatia by Coach

Why Should You Travel to Croatia by Coach?

When it comes to travelling throughout Europe, using a coach to go from one place to the next can shape the experiences you have on your trip. It allows you to take your time and bask in the wonder that Europe has on offer, rather than rushing to the airport so you don’t miss a flight. 

If your next holiday is in the picturesque country of Croatia, then travelling by coach is a must. You can go through Italy and Slovenia to go along the Croatian coast. Or you can take a little detour and swing past Austria – your options are plentiful!

But if you’re still on the fence about travelling Croatia by coach, then we’re going to explore why doing so should be at the top of your European travel to-do list!

Save Money

Going on a holiday can easily become a costly endeavour – you’ve got transportation, accommodation, experiences and food to factor in.

But what if you could have some extra cash up your sleeve?

Travelling by coach is a great way for you and your travelling party to save some money that would otherwise have been spent on car rentals, taxis and flights. Nowadays, European buses are well-equipped to travel long distances, with comfortable seating, reliable air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

While flights and car rental prices fluctuate based on the season, bus and coach prices don’t change. This allows you to budget your plan accordingly from the get go, and can provide peace of mind that the cost of travel won’t drastically change during your trip. 

Guided Tours 

Another great reason to travel by coach with Albatross is that we provide guided tours of some of the most charming squares and alleys in cities like Trogir and Dubrovnik so that you can learn all about the history while soaking in the incredible beauty. 

Our Croatia tour also includes plenty of unique experiences like enjoying a traditional ‘Peka’ meal in the Dubrovnik countryside, a cruise from Perast around the islands of St George and Our Lady of the Rock,  a cable car experience up Mount Srd to soak up the panoramic views of Dubrovniks dramatic walls, a wine and oyster boat ride and plenty more!

Free Time

Our Croatia and the Adriatic Tour also includes plenty of time to explore on your own. With 3 nights in Trogir, 3 nights on the beautiful island of Hvar and 4 nights in Dubrovnik you will have time to see all the wonders of the cities and islands. 

Whether you are interested in the cities, squares and alleys or the magical islands, there is something for everyone!

Take in the Sights

Croatia boasts serene, jaw-dropping scenery, and travelling by coach gives you the chance to bask in the wonder of this beautiful country while travelling.

If you’re driving along the Croatian coast, you’re more likely focusing on the road ahead and your route, rather than getting the chance to take in the surroundings.

Likewise, when you’re in a plane, you can’t see much until you land – assuming, of course, even if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a window seat.

When you travel by coach with Albatross you have the luxury of smaller group sizes while still travelling on full size coaches so this means that everyone gets a window seat and travels comfortably while taking in the sites.

Travel with Albatross Tours

Travelling throughout Croatia and other parts of Europe doesn’t have to be costly or a bore. By using a coach to go from one location to the next, you’re saving money while making the most of your time exploring other countries.

If you’re looking to kick-start your Croatian expedition, then why not book your spot on our Croatian and the Adriatic Tour? 13 days of unique experiences, guided tours and plenty of free time so that you can discover what makes Croatia one of the best tourist locations in Europe.

Want to learn more about travelling in and around Croatia? Then get in touch with the Albatross Tours team today!


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