Christmas Market Tours

What better way to do your Christmas shopping than at Europe’s most festive markets? Capture the European Christmas magic in the midst of the holiday season on our small group Christmas Market Tours. Visit fabulous Christmas Markets, enjoy exciting activities, experience thrilling mountain adventures and be home in time for Christmas Day.

Shop your way through Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland as you soak in the holiday magic. All of our small group Christmas Market Tours celebrate not only the Christmas spirit as we know it today but highlight the traditional customs and rich history found in the beautiful locations you will visit. From medieval cities to royal palaces and more, experience Christmas and the pinnacle of festive shopping like you never have before.

Bohemian Christmas Markets

11 Festive Days
  • Start: Berlin
  • Ends: Munich
  • Countries: Czech Republic, Germany

Enjoy traditional Christmas markets and embrace the festive spirit of the holiday season

Swiss Magical Christmas Markets

12 Magical Days
  • Start: Zurich
  • Ends: Zurich
  • Countries: Switzerland

Experience superb scenery and big Alpine thrills

German & Austrian Christmas Markets

11 Festive Days
  • Start: Frankfurt
  • Ends: Munich
  • Countries: Germany, Austria

Enjoy the festive atmosphere and the cultural wonders of this journey.

Swiss Alpine Christmas Markets

13 Magical Days
  • Start: Munich
  • Ends: Milan
  • Countries: Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria

Explore some of Switzerland's most delightful Christmas markets