New Year Tours

Imagine watching New Year's Eve fireworks in Bavaria, enjoying a grand celebration in an Italian Castle or simply spending time in the mountains playing in the snow. We have something for everyone. Our New Year tours can be enjoyed either as 'stand-alone' tours or seamlessly added to almost all of our Festive Christmas Tours and Holidays.

New Year in Austria, Slovenia and CastelBrando

10 Amazing Days
  • Start: Munich
  • Ends: Venice
  • Countries: Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy

Celebrate New Year in wonderful Salzburg, exciting Slovenia and stay in a centuries old castle

New Year in an Italian Castle

7 Exhilarating Days
  • Start: Munich
  • Ends: Milan
  • Countries: Austria, Italy, Germany

Enjoy a diverse and enriching experience filled with memorable moments

New Year in an Italian Villa & Tuscany

9 Memorable Days
  • Start: Milan
  • Ends: Rome
  • Countries: Italy

Experience Italy's rich heritage in Winter

Swiss New Year Adventure

8 Exhilarating Days
  • Start: Luzern
  • Ends: Zurich
  • Countries: Switzerland

Explore the mighty mountains, towns, and villages of the Bernese Oberland