Oberammergau Passion Play

Operating European tours successfully since 1995, this will be the fourth Oberammergau Passion Play series we have operated. The Passion Play origins date back to 1633, when the community of Oberammergau found itself under threat from the Bubonic plague – the town pledged that if God were to spare them death, they would perform a play each decade to celebrate the life and death of Jesus. Thankfully the vow appeared to work, and as a result the locals were true to their promise – the very first play happened during Pentecost in 1634, where a stage was erected in the local cemetery. Nowadays the performances take place on a much larger scale, with over 2000 of the village’s residents working together to ensure the spectacle honours the vow of their ancestors.

Oberammergau Passion Play Experience

3 Days
  • Start: Oberammergau
  • Ends: Munich

Originating back to 1633, this spectacular experience honours a community's pledge to God and is held every 10 years.