Though Wales is small, this delightful country has plenty of opportunities for escaping the hustle and bustle of life, immersing yourself in Wales’ diverse, yet picturesque, scenery. One of the great things about exploring Wales is that there are plenty of roads you can hike along, especially if you’re wanting to traverse along the country’s border with the United Kingdom.

Wales is home to a number of castles that overlook stunning landscapes and spectacular views. And continuing with the historical activities, Wales has art galleries and museums that chart the country’s rich history.

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Spend a day touring the stunning Lake District and cruise on Lake Windermere.

Touring Wales by Coach

Exploring the best that Wales has to offer by coach is a must. You can sit back and relax while a driver takes you across verdant landscapes or pristine coastlines. And when you tour with Albatross Tours, we handle all of the planning so you can have peace of mind while enjoying your trip.

Another great thing about travelling with our Tour Managers, is that they give you ample time and space for your own exploration of Wales. You’ll also be travelling in small, bite-sized groups, which allows you to make new friends while not feeling overwhelmed while in a foreign country.

When to Visit Wales

The best time to visit Wales is April through to June, though don’t expect it to be sunny and dry when you travel. Wales is renowned for its lush greenery, so it’s unsurprising that this country has consistent rainfall.

While the everyday rain might make you think Wales is cool, it can actually become humid due to the dreary rain. If you want to take a gamble to try and avoid the rain entirely, then opt for travel from mid-June to August.

Welsh Culture

Things to Know Before You Go

Here are some important details that you should know before you go:

  • Language – Though Welsh is the most spoken language of Wales, English is the second official language of the country. This means that you can easily engage with most locals, though learning a Welsh greeting or two wouldn’t hurt.
  • Money – The Welsh use the pound sterling (£GBP) as their primary currency. Though you can hold onto banknotes and coins for your trip, you can also use your credit card throughout Wales for cash withdrawals and transactions.
  • Time zone and daylight – Wales uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but switches to British Summer Time (BST) during the summer months. This means Cardiff is five hours ahead of New York and 10 hours behind Sydney. In Wales, expect up to 14 hours of daylight during summer and around half of that when winter comes around.
  • Electricity – Wales uses a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. The country has Type G sockets, meaning you will need to invest in an adapter or Type G plug for your travels.