Is your chosen tour suitable for you?

Albatross Tours include some quite amazing sightseeing, site visits and guided tours. As you would expect, a certain degree of mobility and fitness is therefore necessary to fully enjoy your experience. Below, we detail what to expect on a standard coach tour and address specific challenges you might need to know about on a ‘tour by tour’ basis. 

If you are not sure about anything and wish to speak with someone, please contact us for clarification.

Is there anything we need to know?

Are there any physical or medical diagnosed conditions that we need to know about that could affect your ability to handle travelling on tour with relative ease? If in doubt, contact us to speak with one of our experienced European tour specialists.

What level of activity is required on tour?

Every tour involves getting on and off coaches, and sometimes other forms of transport such as buses, trains and boats. We include a wonderful array of visits to castles, villas, fortresses, ruins and historical sites which often include steps and stairs, and uneven ground. We are in Europe and some towns and villages may have cobbled stone surfaces, and short, steep streets and walkways. This is particularly applicable to those beautiful hilltop towns in Italy, where the coach drop-off point is sometimes a 10-15 minute walk from the town centre.

Most importantly we also include numerous city sightseeing and walking tours which may require you to be on your feet, walking at various paces, for between 1 and 2 hours. Please keep in mind as you are travelling in a group, you will be expected to keep up with your fellow travellers.

Remember that you are never obliged to join the walking tours and can easily opt to ‘sit this one out’ and relax in a café or sightsee by yourself.

Hotels and Baggage Handling

Hotel porterage is included where possible. Albatross Tours are proud to select hotels with character and style, and some are set in ancient buildings in some stunning locations. There are therefore rare occasions you may be asked to wheel your bags maybe up to around 100 metres to your hotel. This may be across rough or cobbled surfaces. In addition, you may be asked to transport your own bags on and off any boats, hydrofoils and trains. (these are specially noted below against your chosen tour).

What about the specific tour you have chosen?

Each Albatross tour is different and on occasion they require higher levels of physical fitness and/or mobility. Therefore, to make your tour as enjoyable as possible we want you to be fully aware of what you can expect on your chosen tour. Stressing, our tours are NOT adventure, hiking or outward-bound tours. Look below and you will see your chosen tour named. Please click on it to reveal if there are any specific elements that need considering. Stressing, our tours are NOT adventure, hiking or outward-bound tours. They just see and do more! They suit anyone who is moderately fit and healthy, and who has reasonable mobility. 

Please remember you will have an expert Tour Manager on hand at all times. If you have any concerns prior to any outings, please seek advice from your Tour Manager who may be able to offer alternative suggestions.

Christmas, New Year and Northern Lights Tours

Our Christmas, New Year and Northern Lights tours travel throughout the European winter months. The weather can get cold, and roads and pathways can be slippery. When outdoors, please take extra care when navigating slippery surfaces. 

We recommend sturdy waterproof shoes, thick socks, a woollen beanie, thermal underclothes, gloves and sunglasses. You will be comfortable when travelling as your first class coach is fitted with heaters and double glazed windows. Once you arrive at your hotel you will be greeted with a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

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If you have any further questions about the activities described above please contact us and speak with one of our experienced European tour specialists.  Or continue to search for tours by using our handy Tour Finder.