Discover the magic of Christmas in Europe

9 Reasons to celebrate Christmas in Europe

  • Celebrate in a magic world of time-honoured festivities, filled with nostalgia and happiness. Treat yourself to a Christmas you will always remember.
  • Sit back, relax and let someone else do all the work – no grocery shopping, no feeding the masses, no dirty dishes, no heat, no flies… just enjoy!
  • Put yourself first – put away the vacuum cleaner, and look forward to dressing yourself beautifully – not the dining table!
  • Do your Christmas shopping in amongst the twinkling lights of the festive Christmas markets.
  • Explore a Winter Wonderland of medieval towns and ancient castles.
  • Enjoy sleigh rides down white dusted forest pathways, create snow angels and ‘silent nights’ and play in the snow amongst the soaring, snow clad, mountain peaks.
  • Capture the nostalgia, romance and good cheer of a traditional European Christmas – the true season festivities – the way it should be.
  • Enjoy a Christmas that is so special with like-minded, new found friends.
  • And lastly – because life was meant for great adventures!

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