Villa Cattani Stuart, Pesaro, Italy

Your 17th century mansion hotel is famous for its public rooms adorned with magnificent frescoesSet in 9 hectares of wooded gardensthe Villa is surrounded by three wonderful Italian style terrace gardens with romantic pathways, and statues leading from the terrace pool.

Villa Cattani Stuart's Enchanting Frescoes by Niccolò Berrettoni

Niccolò Berrettoni (1637 – 1682), an illustrious Italian painter of the Baroque era, left an indelible mark on the world of art. Hailing from Macerata Feltria, Berrettoni began his artistic journey under the tutelage of his master, Simone Cantarini, in Pesaro. Following Cantarini's passing, he relocated to Rome around 1670 to immerse himself in the studio of Carlo Maratta. Under Maratta's guidance, he secured significant artistic commissions, paving the way for his success. The lasting testament of Berrettoni's genius resides within the walls of Villa Cattani (17th century), adorning the piano nobile with exquisite frescoes. These captivating artworks, meticulously restored by our establishment in 2021, now stand as a breathtaking spectacle for all their guests to now appreciate.