The Albatross Difference

Our Style of Touring

Tours designed to suit you

Each and every one of our tours have been designed specially for you – Australians and New Zealanders. Like-minded travellers, like you, seeking a more fulfilling European holiday experience. We understand you want more from an escorted tour than a few hurried, all too brief visits to the destinations you have travelled so far to see. Which is why we have developed our hub and spoke style touring.

Why our hub and spoke touring style works

Our hub and spoke style of touring ensures your days are easier and more enjoyable. We usually settle in to a charming hotel for 3, 4 or even 5 nights and take day trips out to explore the local region. This allows you to experience a variety of exciting excursions and activities. Not just the usual highlights, but also many more, unique, authentic, regional experiences, often well away from the bustling tourist crowds. Best of all, it also means we can factor in genuine, essential leisure time for you - ‘My Time’!

  • More time for local sightseeing
  • No packing and unpacking suitcases every day
  • No waiting on others as they pay their bar bills
  • Stay in specially selected character hotels and get to know the locals
  • Have time to do your laundry and know that before you move on it will be dry
  • Enjoy time to relax instead of having to constantly lug your suitcase in and out of rooms
  • Have time to get to know the local bars and restaurants and be able to choose one that suits you
  • Get beneath the tourist veneer and genuinely explore each region
  • Enjoy 'My Time' to feel the ambulance and flavours of each region
  • Look forward to enjoying full day excursions knowing you will come back to your hotel room and your clothes are already unpacked!

Longer Stays

Relaxing 2, 3, 4 and up to 5 night stays

Our tours are designed with a leisurely pace featuring 3, 4 and even 5-night stays in each captivating city or region. We consider 2 nights stays to be the absolute minimum!  Let’s face it nobody likes continuously checking in and out of hotels, unpacking their bags each evening, and then having to re-pack them again early the next morning. So, relax with Albatross Tours and enjoy your holiday.

Your days are easy

With our leisurely style of hub and spoke touring, we include more of the most essential element of your holiday – time! Since you are not constantly rushing to get to your next destination, Albatross can specifically plan and factor in your included excursions and sightseeing highlights. Whether it be cruising across Lake Como or taking a fantastic cable car up to the top of the Alps we always have time on our side, so we can make sure to do them properly. Plus we also allow time for you to do what pleases you. We call this ‘My Time’.

The pace is always relaxed

Since you are not constantly changing hotels, or travelling long distances each day, early morning departures are extremely rare. And, as a bonus you will usually spend lunchtimes in charming towns and villages – not at uninspiring motorway service stops!

Small Group Touring

No more than 28 travellers

The average group size with Albatross is just 22. You get so much space on a full size coach! We cap our tours at 28 travellers and give you the peace of mind to know we guarantee our tours will depart with as few as just 15! Albatross Tours is one of the earliest innovators of small group touring. We saw the enormous benefits our travellers would enjoy when combining small, more personal groups with longer stays at each delightful destination. There is a massive difference!

What are the benefits of travelling in a smaller group?

  • Personalised service from your Tour Manager
  • Priority access at attractions
  • Dine in delightful, local restaurants
  • Stay in hotels based on style, character and location
  • More personal space and comfort on the coach
  • Swifter getting on and off the coach, in and out of hotels and attractions
  • Easier to get to know your fellow travellers

Everything is personal

You’ve travelled far to experience Europe. With Albatross Tours, you’ll never feel like just one of the crowd, you’ll feel special. Our small group size means our client to Tour Manager ratio is halved and you are guaranteed a high level of personal service and attention.
We had 16 on our tour and that was a great number. Pre-dinner we would all meet at a passenger’s room for drinks and nibbles. The tour was very personal and just naturally led to this type of entertainment. We have been travelling for the last 12 years to a large number of destinations with numerous travel companies and we found Albatross Tours to be up there with the very best. That’s where Albatross shines. We visited exclusive areas that only small groups can access. Albatross deliver what they preach. We would travel with Albatross Tours again without hesitation.

'My Time' Guaranteed

Albatross Tours understands the importance of having free time when travelling to relax and explore at your own pace, which is why we have incorporated 'My Time' in all of our itineraries. Time to immerse yourself in each destination, perhaps to window shop, wander the streets of delightful towns and villages, or mingle with the locals at a café.

How important is it to you?

Because we feature longer stays on all our itineraries, you are guaranteed to enjoy 'My Time' on every Albatross tour. We have designed our holidays to ensure adequate, well planned ‘free time’. That is the Albatross difference.

It's about balance

Beautifully balanced itineraries with a unique range of quality sightseeing and excursions, plus planned leisure time for you to relax and discover hidden delights at your own pace. On an Albatross tour, exciting activities are always included and time is set aside to do them properly. When you have your free time, it stays exactly that – free to do as you please!

Make the most of your time

‘My Time’ ensures you will experience and enjoy so many benefits of travelling with Albatross Tours.

  • Later starts – Sleep in or take a morning stroll before enjoying a leisurely breakfast.
  • Free evenings – Whilst we include many, we don’t include every dinner so you will have some nights free to do your own thing. Find that romantic trattoria in the gorgeous Umbrian town of Spoleto, or taste the flavours of famous tapas bars in Northern Spain when wandering the streets of San Sebastian.
  • Relaxing afternoons – There is no need to rush back to the coach. Enjoy a long lunch then go and visit a local art gallery. Or maybe squeeze in a bit of shopping!
  • Days at leisure – Many Albatross tours feature a free day for you to do as much or as little as you please. Your expert Tour Manager will be on hand to give you advice, recommendations, or provide directions for you.

Where you stay is so important

“It has been great to stay in lovely hotels for an extended period.
Not having to pack and unpack everyday has been marvellous.” 

Andrea & Hans

Our Tour Managers

Our professional, highly-experienced Tour Managers are passionate about providing the very best touring experience that you can imagine. With a reputation for being some of the finest in the business, they’ll attend to your needs, share their knowledge, join in the fun, and take care of every detail to ensure your holiday runs smoothly. 

And, because Albatross Tours are so inclusive, your Tour Manager won't be concerned with ‘selling’ optional extras or taking you to ‘special’ stores. Their only interest is being friendly, helpful and knowledgeable travelling companions and guides; which is why they receive such overwhelming praise from our guests.

Travelling with Albatross

Spacious, first class travel

You will always have plenty of space on our coaches. Imagine relaxing on a full-size coach with around 22 other travellers!Albatross Tours use first class, full-size, modern touring coaches with 40-45 seats. Even if your tour group is full you can be certain there will always be spare seats. We guarantee that on our touring coaches you will enjoy more personal space and that essential extra ‘elbow room’.

Enjoy the best views from your seat

With so many spare seats available, we guarantee you panoramic views and, more often than not you will have a window seat. You will be able to sit back and admire the evolving landscapes from the comfort of your seat.

Travel in exceptional comfort

You will always enjoy a more comfortable ride on our full-size coaches featuring high quality reclining seats, spacious leg room, additional luggage space, great sound insulation and comfortable suspension. Our coaches also feature 2 doors to make it easier to get on and off the coach, and of course on-board toilet for emergencies. Wi-Fi is available on most coaches.

More than just a coach tour

Albatross tours are cleverly designed for the modern day traveller and so it goes without saying we also add highlight train rides, flights and boat rides to your escorted holiday experience.